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Have you ever met a family that just can’t seem to get a break? Where every step forward, leads to two steps back? Who try and try, and keep sinking?

If you have, then you’ve met the Hamiltons. Blade and Eleri, and their kids Tiff, Pookie and Mousie**, live in the Pacific Northwest where Blade works for a public utility, Eleri works as a childbirth mentor, and the kids range from fourth grade to college age.

But that’s where the similarities to your average family end.

Pookie and Mousie both have a completely unique variation of a rare genetic disorder called Smith-Magenis Syndrome. They are the only known inherited cases of SMS to date, and because of the uniqueness of their RAI1 mutation, no one knows exactly how it will impact them long term.

Mousie’s case is much more acute than her sister’s, and she has a combination of mental retardation, developmental delays, severe sleep disturbance and severe behavioral issues. She is often violent. She requires 24-7 care and supervision, and is unlikely to ever live on her own.

Pookie is less impacted, but also has mild developmental delays and behavior issues. In addition, she has Type 2 Diabetes and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Eleri herself has significant health issues that impact her sleep and mobility and severely limit her ability to care for both girls. She was recently hospitalized for the effects of Chronic Stress. Her doctors are recommending therapies and surgery that she’s unable to have because of Mousie’s care needs.  Without the medical care she needs, she’s unable to schedule the childbirth classes which provide her with a small income (but much personal satisfaction).

Tiff has recently moved in to lend a hand, but like most almost-adult boys, he’s looking to the future, and college.

Blade works full time, and often has to leave unexpectedly to help at home, which impacts his performance at work, and puts his job at risk. Because of his ‘high income’, the family has no ongoing state agency support.

Through a combination of job changes, health crises, and sheer bad luck that seems to dog their steps, the Hamiltons find themselves on the edge of severe financial crisis:

  • Out of pocket medical expenses have gone up a minimum of $300/month for medication and co-pays.
  • Blade’s work time lost dealing with family needs mean the mortgage and property tax are overdue, and bills are running behind.
  • Eleri’s post-insurance hospital and ambulance bills are starting to arrive, and are extensive.
  • Mousie is entering a state-run institutional facility for a short stay, and there are expenses involved with travel and supplies.
  • Pookie needs dental work, to be paid up front on Oct 2nd.
  • Getting Mousie the long-term care she requires is likely to involve lawyers, beginning with Blade adopting both girls.
  • Pookie has started High School, with the attendant expenses and fees.

As you can see just from this brief glimpse, this is a family overwhelmed. They have tapped out their ‘natural resources’ of family and immediate friends, so the call is going out to ask for their own personal economic ‘bailout’ and ‘stimulus’.

Our goals are this:

  1. URGENT- $1000- balance of anethesiologist overdraft
  2. URGENT- $1300- Nov. Mortgage
  3. $300 heating system maintainance
  4. $300 medications monthly

Here’s how you can help.

Send money via the donation button:

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Send money via check.

Please contact us for a mailing address. One option available is to ask for a creditor name to make the check out to, and we’ll fill in the account number.Our email is

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Thank you so much for any help, crossed fingers and good wishes you may be able to give!

**Nicknames given to nominally protect against Creepy Internet Stalkers.
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